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  • No matter if you use our compression bandage for sporting sprain injuries or as the body wraps, it will keep its features for a long, long time.
  • When relaxed, elastic bandage roll is approximately 120 inches long, but when stretches up to 540 inches.
  • Bandage wrap clips - hook closure, are the safest and easiest way to secure the bandage in place firmly.
  • Our premium compression wrap also saves you money since it can be washed and reused multiple times.
  • This elastic bandage wrap has a countless number of uses, so it will work an all-purpose first aid and sports! It is commonly used as ankle wrap for sprain, compression tape as well as athletic wrap. Don’t forget to add a bandage roll to your emergency gear or car

Mighty-X - Elastic Wraps

SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Brown
    • VALUE PACK - In this set you will receive 4 polyester compression bandages. Two pieces of 3 inch bandages and two - 4 inch bandages. For your convenience we designed this compression wrap set to be the most practical in use at any part of a body. So, you can use a smaller bandage roll when you need to cover less, or a bigger bandage wrap when you need to cover more.
    • COMFORTABLE and SAFE CLOSURE - Each bandage wrap is equipped with two elastic bandage wrap clips, in other words - hook closure. This is the most secure way to leave a compression bandage exactly at the the same place where it was attached.
    • IDEAL SIZE - Each bandage wrap stretches up to 180 inches if stretched to the max. Also, we are adding 4 EXTRA CLIPS in to each compression bandage set to beck up you if some would be lost.
    • MATERIAL - This model is made with polyester. It provides the best results in keeping your muscles tight and together and t is commonly used as an ankle wrap for sprain, compression tape as well as athletic wrap.
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